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Challenges You Might Face Doing It Yourself

When you try to do the measurement stuff on your own, a few tricky things might pop up. Here’s what could be bothering you:

1. Tech Troubles:
Dealing with tools like Google Analytics and Tag Manager can be confusing if you’re not a tech whiz.

2. Running Out of Time:
Getting measurement tools set up and working takes time – something you might not have a lot of.

3. Not Knowing the Ropes:
Knowing exactly what to do might be a bit tough, especially if you’re not an expert.

We get it – these challenges can be a bit much. That’s why we have our “Done For You” service. We’ll handle the tricky stuff, and you can get back to growing your enrollment hassle-free.

The Process

We use a tried-and-true process to create a personalized solution that fits your data and reporting requirements perfectly.

Planning for Success

We take the time to look at your tech tools, how you’re currently doing analytics, what data and reports you need, and what goals your school has. Then, we create a plan to make the most out of your data to help your university or college succeed.

Managing Your Data Flow:

We gather information from all your marketing and analytics tools.

After that, we tidy up, work on, and change your raw data to make a clean and reliable data hub. This hub helps with analyzing, reporting, and putting your data to good use.

Making Data Work for You

With the new and tidy data, we’ll make easy-to-read reports that give you answers. We’ll also use the data to create special groups of people for specific purposes and help you understand the information better.

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